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“Music therapy is the field with primary therapeutic effect. At the same time, music therapy is curative and supporting procedure, in which a qualified music therapist assists a client or a group through therapeutic process by means of helping relationship, music and music elements. The aim of this process is to develop the potentials or renew the functions of the individual in a relevant way in order to achieve better intrapersonal and/or interpersonal integration with the goal of meeting the physical, psychical, emotional and social needs.”

Music Therapy Association of the Czech Republic (CZMTA) is non-profit-making professional association of music therapists which is also accessible to all people interested in music therapy.

CZMTA was founded in 2012 by merging of the Czech Music Therapy Association and Czech Association Music Therapy and Drama Therapy – ČAMAD, which was active from 2005 and in 2009 became a member of EMTC. Nowadays, CZMTA is a major professional organisation in theCzechRepublic.

An afford of development and professional standard in the field belong to one of the main goals of the association as well as enforcing professional status, the standards of the qualification and ethical demands, which are respecting common claims in the field of the therapeutic branches in the Czech Republic and the standards of the expressive therapies within the European scale.

The association ensures conditions for professional discussion, exchange of information and experience. It supports the professional growth of its members (e.g. by offering supervision seminars, the quality guarantee of the training courses), enforces using of the music therapy in all fields of the helping professions (a health care, social service, pedagogy). CZMTA cooperates with institutions in the field of the expressive therapies and helps to develop public awareness concerning the possibilities of the music therapy (holding of the conferences and professional meetings, publishing, conducting web pages etc.)

Overseeing and executive organ of the association is the Board (Rada) comprising of seven members, presided by the chairman and one vice chairman.


Contacts to the deputies of the association:

PhDr. Markéta Gerlichová, Ph.D. – chairman of the association

Mgr. Zuzana Ouředníčková – vice chairman of the association

Mgr. Anna Neuwirthová, Ph.D. - CZMTA representative in WFMT

Mgr. Lenka Kružíková, Ph.D. – representative of the Czech Republic in EMTC