In 2016 the Institute of Music Therapy at Freies Musikzentrum München is offering the DrumPower training course for the first time in English language.

The DrumPower-program is a music therapy method for violence prevention, social integration and empowerment in group settings. It has been methodically elaborated and well evaluated over the last 15 years. DrumPower is successfully practiced in various educational facilities (mainstream school, grammar school, school for special needs, etc.). Meanwhile, new emphases are being developed, increasing our work with refugees, with people with special needs and in clinical contexts. For further information see:   

The training course will be held in two blocks over five days on March 30 - April 3 (basic seminar) and November 2 - 6 2016 (advanced seminar). The venue is Freies Musikzentrum in Munich, Germany. www.freies-musikzentrum.d